Continue your Bash journey...

Practice creating, copying and moving files and directories

Try a few different things to ensure you understand when to use -r, and the effect of trailing slashes and asterisks.

Try renaming some files and directories.

Change permissions on some of your files and directories

Try adding and removing permissions using chmod and chown. Practice reading the permissions using the 'long list' command.

grep and sed

Experiment more with grep and sed - what else can you do with them?

Back up with an rsync script

Create a bash script to back up your home directory

  1. copy any changes in your home directory to another directory
  2. compress the backup directory using tar to save space

Download a jpg to your desktop

Use curl to download the image at

Check out the Guide to *nix directories to get it onto your desktop.

Get awesome dog pictures with jq

  1. install jq
  2. use jq to download a photo from

(this is quite tricky!)

Use wget to check for broken links

wget probably isn't installed on your machine by default. You can download it using apt-get install or brew install.

wget is useful for 'spidering' websites to check all the links work.

Try the --spider flag to check for broken links on your personal website. Check the man page and Stack Overflow to think about what other flags you might need. How can you save the output to a log file?

Set up an SSH key

Look at the workshop notes and the Digital Ocean tutorial



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Stack Overflow


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Francis Kayiwa's Bash workshop

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